Sep 13

Kick-ass moves: Mixed Martial Arts requires determination

Kick-ass moves: Mixed Martial Arts requires determination
One of DeVall's longtime colleagues is Chris Galinsky, a 36-year-old father of six boys, who started MMA training four years ago as a way to lose weight and get back into shape. "Growing up, I was into football, baseball, basketball, hockey, you name …

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Total Body Workout Routine | “31 Fat Loss Accelerators” Helps People Skyrocket
The program also reveals to people an advanced conditioning training method used by MMA fighters, Olympians, and elite athletes to build lean and athletic bodies. In addition, in this program, people will find out simple ways to lose fat and achieve …

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Jenelle Evans's Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Starts MMA Training (VIDEO)
Have you heard the news? Jenelle Evans's new boyfriend, future Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith, is putting up his dukes and heading into the fighting ring. This professional studmuffin was a MMA fighter back in his glory days, and he's getting back …

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XYIENCE Signs Endorsement Contract With UFC's Mark Muñoz
In addition to being a professional athlete, he owns and manages an MMA training facility, Reign Training Center, in Lake Forest, Calif., where he resides with his wife Kristi and their four children. He says that his success would not have been …

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StrikeForce Champ Cris Cyborg: Insane Workout Routine Leaves Reporter Screaming

Aaron Tru attempts the strength and Conditioning program with 145lb strikeforce female champion, Cris Cyborg.
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  1. ColJochen

    They should shut the fuck up that’s what. I haven’t seen this girl do anything to reap such hateful comments. Leave the girl alone. She’s very humble and modest. I find nothing wrong with her. And for the steroids argument..so what? Half of baseball, football and almost every other sport on the planet is juiced to the gills. She made a mistake and got caught. Big deal. Plus this girl could beat the shit out nearly every douche making such hateful comments. Get in the ring with her….

  2. mario calderon

    i feel fat now

  3. scott fontaine

    Someday people will look back at the dumb “cyborg has a penis” comments, and wonder why people didn’t have more respect for one of the greatest female athletes the world has ever seen

  4. Fabian Kissfodor

    c est un animale !!

  5. KevinRomero

    i almost feel bad for the reporter… he’s a pussy. but then again cyborg is on steroids

  6. Sun Sand

    man and women are different. Man have more testosterone. Learn Biology

  7. Ren Morgan

    it helps in the recovery process after working out

  8. Foster Fong

    why does she go into ice?

  9. LateNightBarFight

    Aaron you did pretty good!! That was a grueling workout and you hung in there quite well. Love this video, thanks for sharing. Keep’em coming, we love Cris!

  10. wedingo

    Ronda’s nemesis

  11. KateCena

    She looks pretty good here

  12. VonOverlord

    Have you guys ever seen the Nutty Professor? The original Jerry Lewis one? You know the scene when he tries to lift weights and he winds up stretching his arms out to a ridiculous cartoony length? Yeah, I was half expecting that to happen to the reporter in this video!

  13. ColetteGothstar

    man I would love to meet her!!! she’s fucking awesome and a huge idol to me I really look up to this woman!!. Would have been awesome to have her as a big sister hahaha

  14. OpieSVT

    As a fighter, I love her.

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